Video Poker is a highly popular game among online gamblers. Easy to play, it requires a lot of luck and the right strategy to ace this game. Some online casinos such as have rolled out sole fantastic video poker bonuses for their players. If you like video poker but do not about the right bonuses, read on.

Kinds of Video Poker bonuses

You need to create your online casino account in order to receive your video poker bonus. There are two kinds of Welcome Bonuses. For receiving the No Deposit Bonus, players are not required to make any deposits. However, not every casino offers this bonus. Matching bonuses come after you have made your first deposit.

Most online casinos offer this bonus in order to attract new players. Matching Bonuses are higher in value than the No Deposit Bonuses. However, both these kinds of bonuses are tied to several terms and conditions. Read up those rules before creating your account and laying your first bet. Carry on reading this video bonus article.

  • Never lay bets on public Wi-Fi
  • Create your account only after reading online reviews

How do Matching Bonuses work?

Suppose you deposit $100 with your online casino. As soon as you do this, you will receive the same amount as your bonus. This is virtual money and has to be used only for wagering. When you make the next deposit, the online casino might award you with a similar bonus size.

This process continues but only up to a certain limit. In some cases, your matching amount might exceed your deposit amount. For example, your casino might give you $150 in place CAD 100. If you are lucky, you might even get free spins too. The whole idea is that your casino wants you to play more.

High Roller and VIP Bonuses

VIP Bonuses are meant to encourage the average players to raise their games and become VIPs. Every online casino endeavours to get its players play more and stake more. These bonuses do exactly that. They encourage players to cross several levels of gambling until they receive the VIP bonus. Upon receiving this benefit, you are given special privileges.

The objective of a High Roller bonus is to make players stake higher amounts of money. To get this award, you need to stake more than an average player. Typically, online casinos require you to make deposits of $100 or more. High Roller bonuses are accompanied by higher payments. No doubt, the risk is high.

  • Bonus is not a right but a privilege
  • Earnings from bonuses are subject to tax laws.

Other video poker bonuses

Many online casinos launch their fresh promotions during their lean season. Online gambling also has its crests and troughs, and usually gamblers spend less time gambling during summers. Some online casinos launch special offers during these lean months to target this sluggish community. Some gambling sites give out special bonuses during weekends.

If you have been reloading your bonus periodically, you might get some fantastic offers from your casino. These are Weekly or Monthly Reload Bonuses and are meant to spur players from playing more and staking more. Make the most of these offers, play new video poker games, and unlock new features and levels.

  • Bonuses can be denied to players from a specific region
  • Please remember that bonuses help you win; gambling, ultimately, is about luck.

Wagering Requirements on Video Poker Bonuses

It is important here to discuss bonuses and their wagering requirements. Every bonus has to be used in a specific way. This virtual money has to be wagered in a pre-determined manner. For example, your online casino might insist that you wager the bonus amount 2x. This means, you can utilize this bonus by wagering 2x.

This bet has to be laid on a specified video poker game, and within a specified time period. But what constitutes the bonus amount in this case? Does it include the player contribution or is it just the casino's part? How do you cash out? You need to be clear on all these conditions before wagering.